What is a marine or offshore fare?
Marine or offshore fares are specially negotiated airfares available only to appointed travel agencies designed to allow special rates and conditions to travellers who are employed in the marine industry. In most cases, the traveller must be travelling to or from a cruise ship, private yacht, commercial vessel, port, or offshore rig. Every airline imposes its own eligibility conditions for the use of these fares and some airlines permit travel by shoreside staff employed in the shipping industry.
Do marine or offshore fares have penalties or advance purchase requirements?
As a standard rule, marine fares are available for one-way purchase and are fully refundable with no penalties. There are some exceptions to this rule, so Asiana will always quote the penalties during the booking process.
What documentation do I need for marine or offshore fares?
For crew members travelling to or from a ship, a seaman’s book and/or letter of employment is required. Some airlines require only a letter of employment and permit travel for shoreside staff while travelling on duty. A letter on company letter head explaining the purpose of travel is also accepted. Please contact us for examples.
Do I need a visa for my travel?
Depending upon the traveller nationality, origin, destination and routing, a visa may be required. Travellers should always verify this requirement by contacting their embassy. Asiana can advise on all visa requirements and direct you towards assistance for processing the visa.
Can I travel one way or do I need to do round trip?
Marine and offshore fares are filed as one-way. A roundtrip combines two one-ways.
What else can Asiana help me with?
We can assist with charter flights, car and hotel bookings worldwide as well as provide advice to make your trip as seamless as possible.
Do you handle large accounts?
Asiana handles clients of all size, from the individual crewmember signing off his assignment for vacation, to multi-million dollar shipping companies who move thousands of crewmembers per year.
Can Asiana run reports?
Asiana can tailor your client statement as you wish and provide detailed account information based on any criteria identified by the client.
Do you have dedicated account managers?
Although some clients normally deal directly with a specific agent in the office, our pool of staff is available 24/7/365 to assist clients as needed. Our customer service manager over see all account on top of a dedicated account manager.
Are you available 24 hours per day?
Asiana does not operate an after-hours service because we are always open. At any time, clients can call us for immediate service.
What payment options are available?
We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers, and Western Union. With prior approval or prepayment, we can invoice clients on a weekly basis after certain conditions are met.
Do I receive frequent flyer miles on marine fares?
Most marine fares allow accrual of frequent flyer mileage.
What is my baggage allowance?
Marine and offshore fares typically permit an extra bag for international travel but there are exceptions based on the airline.
May I obtain an upgrade on my marine fare ticket?
While mileage can be accrued on most airlines, upgrades are based on each airline’s policy.
Can family/friends travel on marine fares?
Some airlines permit family members including spouses and children to fly on marine fares provided they are travelling with the crewmember on all sectors.


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